Leading Catalyst & Electronic Scrap Buyers in Ghana

with more than 14 years of experience in managing an environmentally friendly business

Who we are

About us

Lambda Metals is a company, that purchases catalysts, non-ferrous metals and electronics. The goal of the company is to contribute to the modern and environmentally friendly development of business.

The company is successfully working and expanding since 2008, thus our experience let us offer exact prices and maintain long-lasting relationships with the clients.

The company consists of three main divisions, in four largest cities: Accra, Kumasi, Tamale and Takoradi. This allows us to ensure that our customers are easily reached.

The main goal is to ensure that we provide a fair service to our customers.






Employees in the First Place

It is important to us for every employee to feel comfortable, therefore we provide a lot of attention to integrating each and every new employee into the company work processes.

Quality and Effect

We value and take care of our team members, seeking to create a good atmosphere and to develop our work in an effective and qualitative way.


We buy

Our company is one of the leading catalytic converters and electronic scrap buyers in Ghana. The main materials we buy are:

Catalytic Converters

We buy ceramic catalysts, metal catalysts, DPF filters. Our company buys them in a form that is convenient for you. Catalysts or DPF filters can be purchased in shell, without it, or ground.

Electronic Waste

Our company buys various electronic scrap, such as computer parts, boards of household appliances, telephone scrap and other components.

Scrap Metal

Ferrous scrap, which may consist of different sizes of metal structures or parts. Also, we buy non-ferrous scrap metal, such as copper, brass, aluminum.

We perform

Our main goal is sorting. By purchasing raw materials, we ensure their processing.

The materials obtained are adjusted to an appropriate sorting method in order to use the materials efficiently.


Work with us


Since the company is growing rapidly, we are constantly looking for new and motivated members to join our team. If you wish to become a part of our team, we strongly encourage you to contact us by following the company information below.

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